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Secure payment


Secure Payment

To best address your concerns and simplify your life, we offer you 5 payment methods:

  • Online payment by Credit Card
  • Payment by check
  • Payment by CONNECT holiday vouchers
  • Payment by phone at 04 77 50 39 48
  • By bank transfer

Regardless of the chosen payment method, no charges are made until we have received written confirmation of the availability of your accommodation from our receiving agencies.


Online Payment by Credit Card with Crédit Agricole and Payzen System

Providing your credit card number on the Internet is safe if you do it within a secure procedure, recognizable by two indicators:

  • A small padlock on Internet Explorer, a blue background key or an open padlock that closes on Firefox/Netscape at the bottom of your screen
  • The http:// in the site's address becomes https://

HISPANOA has chosen Crédit Agricole and the PAY ZEN online payment system as its partner, recognized for its reliability in internet transactions.

The payment cards accepted by HISPANOA are CB, MasterCard, Visa.

The payment method offered in e-transactions is secure SSL payment. This payment protocol is standard and recognized worldwide for the protection of data transmitted over the internet. It is available on nearly all browsers (Internet Explorer V3.02 and later from Microsoft, Navigator V1.1 and later from Netscape,...). The data provided by the user on their card (number, expiration date, etc.) is encrypted before being sent from their computer to the e-transactions payment server.

A "secure payment" means that transactions made over the Internet are protected against unauthorized interceptions and unauthorized changes or alterations of the original content of messages.

Encrypting data makes data secret. It involves transforming the letters that make up the message into a sequence of numbers, and then performing calculations on these numbers so that the recipient can decrypt them; this operation is called encryption. Coding a message in such a way as to make it secret is called encryption. The reverse method of finding the original message is called decryption.

"Secure Socket Layer": a secure form filled out by the buyer when entering their banking information. The encryption keys used are 128 bits. The protocol used is compatible with Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. In addition to being encrypted, this information is not stored on our servers (which is why we ask for it for each payment), preventing theft by fraudsters and other "hackers." To combat fraud and better protect you, we have implemented the 3D secure system. During the online payment, you will be required to authenticate yourself before finalizing the transaction (through a redirection to your bank's website, receiving a code by SMS, or answering personal questions such as birth date, postal code, etc.).


Payment by Check:

We recommend that you call us at 04 77 50 39 48 in advance so that we can immediately reserve the reference of your choice while waiting for your payment.

  • Your check must be made out to: HISPANOA
  • Include a copy of the confirmation email of your reservation request or write the reference and reservation dates on the back of the check, along with the name of the person who made the reservation if it is different from the checkholder's name.
  • Then send your payment to the following address:

HISPANOA Reservation Service 18 Allée Marie Politzer 64200, Biarritz (France)


Do You Want to Pay for Your Holiday Rental with ANCV Holiday Vouchers:

We recommend that you call us at 04 77 50 39 48 in advance so that we can immediately reserve the reference of your choice while waiting for your payment.

  • Include a copy of the confirmation email of your reservation request
  • Write your name on all the vouchers.
  • Attach your vouchers with their stubs
  • For reasons of loss or theft, we recommend sending your payment by recommended mail with acknowledgment of receipt to our processing center at the following address: 18 allée Marie Politzer 64200 Biarritz.

Attention: Payment by holiday vouchers is possible for all payments to be made to Hispanoa, but holiday vouchers are not accepted for on-site payments abroad.


New since 2020: Payment with ANCV Connect Holiday Vouchers is available on www.hispanoa.com. However, as of late 2021, e-holiday vouchers are no longer accepted by ANCV.

Instead of ordering traditional holiday vouchers that need to be sent by mail, you can now order Connect holiday vouchers. You need to enter their confidential numbers on our payment website or log into your ANCV account, and you don't need to send anything to us. Inquire with the organization from which you ordered your holiday vouchers.

  • You must select and click on this payment method when making your reservation.
  • You will be directed to the Payzen payment website.
  • You will only need to enter your holiday voucher numbers, and you won't need to send anything to us.


Payment by Phone:

You can contact our advisors, who will make a reservation on your behalf via our website. You can pay your deposit by credit card or one of the other two payment methods (check or money order) under the same conditions. Our advisors are available at 04 77 50 39 48 from Monday to Friday, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.


For Bank Transfers:

IMPORTANT: Please fax your transfer order to 04 77 50 39 48 as proof of payment.
ATTENTION: For all payments by bank transfer, the fees are at your expense.

For bank transfers from ABROAD, here are our details:

Account holder: HISPANOA Adresse : ZA de Putillenea 6 rue Poutillenea
IBAN - FR76 3000 3043 1200 0200 4614 966

Regardless of the payment method you choose, you will receive your reservation confirmation at the email address you specified when making your online reservation as soon as we receive it.

HISPANOA Reservation Service ZA de Putillenea 6 rue Poutillenea 64122, Urrugne (France)